1990's, 9 Candles, Comedy





DIRECTOR: Jim Abrahams

May contain spoilers!

It is always difficult to know where to start with a good, let alone a great comedy such as this. Jim Abrahams made name along with David and Jerry Zucker Airplane! (1980), went on to do the short lived TV show Police Squad (1982), then revived Police Squad and gave it life on the big screen with The Naked Gun (1988) and here he goes it alone to spoof Top Gun (1986) and do so with a zeal and expertise which we have come to expect.

Charlie Sheen is on top form as, well, himself and the jokes are sharp witted, contemporary and cutting, attacking and revering with equal measure the genre of which they are spoofing. Outlandish and cheeky, the right amount of time is given to each and every gag, with just enough satire to amuse but not so much as make you choke on it. In fact, it is hard to recall the political satire after the fact but trust me, it is there and it can be quite subversive, certainly given the time in which this was made, literally right after the First Gulf War.

Many jokes will be difficult for a modern audience to appreciate fully, as they are very much of the time and pop culture references generally date quickly but the humour is strong enough to amuse for generations to come. A real classic.

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