1990's, 7 Candles, Comedy





DIRECTOR: Jim Abrahams

May contain spoilers!

Last time it was Top Gun (1986), this it is Rambo (1982), with every other action movie up to that point thrown in for good measure, oh and of course we must not forget Casablanca (1943)! Star Wars (1977) is in there, Sea Hunt, the only surprise being that it took this long to spoof the 1950’s TV show which help make Lloyd Bridges’ name in the first place!

But as the rule of diminishing returns is in full effect, the second and last of the Hot Shots! movies lacks some of the charm and originality of the first. Still funny but the gags seem to be more forced and sparse, breaking the fourth wall more often, spoofing pop culture and the genre rather than spoofing any particular film.

This was a similar issue to that which plagued Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) which whilst still funny, lacked some of the class and confidence of the first. But as a pair of 90’s comedies go, you can do a lot worse that either Hot Shots!.

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