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91qzucaeiiL._SL1500_Clearly not satisfied with releasing one of the top grossing movies of 2015, Universal want more, a lot more from their loyal customers. I, like many who pre-ordered the Jurassic World 3D Blu-ray, assuming wrongly, that like almost every other 3D Blu-ray release, that it would include the 2D Blu-ray version as well.

Well, it DOESN’T!

This is simply a vanilla release of the 3D movie and the Digital HD UV version, but no 2D version of any special features. The special features are included on the 2D Blu-ray release on the other hand. This disc was not any cheaper either, retailing at the usual price here in the U.K. but giving us considerably less for our Stirling.

Now, this is not a total loss as if you have a 3D – 2D option on your TV, Projector of Blu-ray player then you can simply apply this option but this is not the point. Universal seem to think that it is acceptable to sell a Blu-ray 3D disc in this shoddy and expensive way and this is nothing short of a rip-off to the consumers who is being asked to pay the same price for less.

3D is an option for most people, not the norm and I suspect that this is a the second shot by studios trying to phase out 3D Blu-ray’s as the 4K is their next being “Upgrade”, leaving the failure of 3D for dust but this is still no excuse. The first attack on the format came in from Disney last year, when in the U.S., they stopped releasing 3D Blu-rays editions of some of their latest movies all together, meaning that U.S. customers would reliant of foreign markets to get hold of these films, such as Big Hero 6 (2014) and Frozen (2013).

The link to his petition is: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-release-3d-blu-ray-versions-of-disney-movies-that-had-a-3d-theatrical-release

Is it their intention to drive us to buy the 2D Blu-ray separately? I would suggest that you take a look at the Amazon reviews to see what people are saying about a film which so many loved and yet some many have been short-changed by. This will be the story now, not the hit movie. A real misstep from Universal.

Not impressed.


  1. I’ve just contacted Universal directly with the following message – I wonder if it’s worth a good volume of us getting in touch with them.


    I pre-ordered the Jurassic World 3D Blu-ray with Amazon recently which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately before checking the back of the box before opening, I dove straight in so am unlikely to be able to return it. I’m really unhappy with this release, it seems that you have utter contempt for your customers. In a world where there is frequent illegal downloading of your intellectual property you would think that being disrespectful of your customers is not a great idea as it doesn’t exactly discourage the practice if you’re seen as particularly money-grabbing.

    So what’s the issue? Well with every other 3D movie purchase I’ve made on Blu-ray (and it’s worth saying that Disney/Marvel releases are excellent in terms of features but it’s true of other competitors too) the edition in the UK has included both the 3D disc and then the 2D disc with the special features on and a 2D version of the movie. This was not the case with Jurassic World (even though I believe it was the case in the USA). I suppose I might begrudgingly have accepted a 3D only disc with the features from the 2D release but to pay more for a 3D version which is inferior in content to the 2D seems very unfair. It’s also not helping your public relations if the comments page on amazon.co.uk are anything to go by and are at all representative.

    I appreciate that you probably thought this would be an easy way of maximising profits by cutting costs and still charging customers/idiots the same amount of money. I’m the Director of a small business so I appreciate the financial imperative but I would hope it leaves at least a little bit of a nasty taste in your collective mouths.

    How could this be resolved? In honesty I think you should repair the damage by contacting purchasers of this product (certainly those who have commented on amazon.co.uk and similar sites) and offer some sort of a goodwill gesture. I hope that these sorts of issues are important, yes the world is slowly moving digital and yes the cost/profit ratio are much better in a digital release but yet still there are many millions of DVDs and Blu-rays sold each year and not treating those customers with anything other than contempt is hardly a recipe for securing future purchases from them in the future.

    Pete Fellows.

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  2. This is the email I sent Universal, last night, after I got home from Tesco with my copy. Thankfully, Tesco were willing to take it back and refund me.

    Dear Universal Pictures UK,

    Could you please put me in contact with whoever thought it would be a good idea to rip off UK consumers, by charging them a premium to only get the 3D blu-ray with no extras?

    I’ve taken a look around and it seems that pretty much everywhere else in the world is getting a 3D + 2D (c/w extras) combination pack as standard, but for some bizarre reason you have decided that we are undeserving of such consideration, leaving us unable to use the disc in other non-3D capable players, or displays, that we might possess and unable to appreciate the behind the scenes efforts of those involved in making the film.

    We are constantly being told that we should do everything that we can to support the film industry, but, unsurprisingly, you don’t seem to have any compunction about stabbing loyal customers in the back.

    So, please, let me know when you are going to do something about this egregious error on your part, in the meantime I will be returning my copy of the 3D to the shop I bought it from to get my money back.


    Adam Gurney


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