2000's, 5 Candles, Comedy





DIRECTOR: Marco Schnabel

May contain spoilers!

I like Mike Meyers! There, I said it! But The Love Guru like so many of his films, is simply a vehicle for his brand of outlandish, playful and often boady humour and all semblance of class is simply thrown out of the window! So what this film lacks in being a good film, which is a lot really, it is an entertaining one.

Meyers’ Love Guru is tasked with sorting out the performance of an Ice Hockey (Romany Malco) player, whose wife has left him for a rival (Justine Timberlake) and using a combination of eastern mysticism and crass motivation speaking buzz terms and acronyms, must help him regain his confidence in order to break his teams losing streak.

Silly, outrageous, possibly a little racist and defiantly weird, if you like Meyers, then you should find something you like here.

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