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“Are we back?” “We’re back” replied Doc Brown, but he was referring to 1985 after Marty and Doc’s trip to October 2015, but this month saw US arrive on that “future” date, a date that has now slipped peacefully into the past. The buzz surrounding this fictional interpretation of the future has been as fascinating as it has been annoying and is yet more proof of the massive influence of social media, creating an event out of nothing, yet one which has been polarising, if only for a few days.

But in the end, it has always been a bit of fun, even back 1989 when Back To The Future Part II was released and gave us a glimpse, not into the future, but a future that we kind of expected. Well, it wasn’t all wrong but we still have no flying cars or the greatly anticipated hover board.

I have made the unprecedented move this month of selecting a trilogy for my Film Of The Month. They are all relatively consistent in quality, with the first, Back To The Future rated at 10/10, with Part II at 8/10 and the final chapter, Part III coming in second with 9/10.



20151018_092636But even though this had to be the choice for this month, I would like to make special mention of two others. This month I attended the Widescreen Weekend at Bradford and was treated to an original 3x 35mm presentation of How The West Was Won (1962), Cinerama’s last true 3-Panel Cinerama movie and a 2k Digital restoration of the final Cinerama Travelogue, The Best Of Cinerama (1963), though it was simply a completion of the previous five travelogue from 1952 to 1958.

Both presented on England’s ONLY 146 degree Cinerama screen, one of only a handful left in the world, these were two fantastic shows, the first being a poor print but an original one and real treat. The second was of a fantastic quality considering the poorly maintained source.

This has been a great month for film, with this phenomena surrounding this 80’s franchise and my personal love of Cinerama being given life on the big screen, it was hard to make a decision but in the end I love the Back To The Future trilogy and my appreciation the two Cinerama films more to do with the presentations that the films themselves.

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