2010's, 6 Candles, Animation, Comedy





DIRECTOR: Genndy Tartakovsky

May contain spoilers!

Having not seen the first film, though I am told by almost everyone who has seen it that it is good, I can only see this for what it is, a sequel to a film which I have never seen. Reuniting us with colourful characters which we should already know, this parody of the Universal Monsters genre is great fun, fast paced and filled with as much action as there are gags.

Genndy Tartakovsky animation style is sharp and I have been a fan of his work since the 1990’s with the all but forgotten gem, Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network. He would also breath life into the first two seasons of the ORIGINAL Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons in the 2004/05, before the CGI series took off a few years later.

My only gripe with this film which is primarily aimed at children, is the excessive and jarring product placement by Sony, which began with the opening logo which simply displayed the word “Sony” before it led into the classic Columbia Pictures logo. Then every single phone used was a Sony smartphone, which was integrated into the plot within reason, the best gag being Dracula’s (Adam Sandler’s) inability to use his, due to his long fingernails!

Overall, this was good family fun with a plot revolving around the single theme of Dracula’s half human, half vampire grandson and his over”V”elming desire for him to become a vampire. The road trip portion is entertaining as is the finale, featuring Mel Brooks as Dracula’s “old school” Vamp father, Vlad.

Certainly, if you liked the first, you should defiantly like this worthy sequel.

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