Today marks the Sixth Anniversary of nEoFILM, a personal project to served two key purposes. The first was simply to set up a workable system and format to write film reviews around my busy work and home schedules. The second to was to build the nEoFILM brand as it were with no money and no real intentions of making any. In short, nEoFILM is an experiment, an ongoing project to both fulfil my passion to for writing about movies and to learn about brand growth and management, with the success or failure being measured in followers, visitors and views.

But in the end, the concepts behind nEoFILM are simply self-expression and passion for the subject, which is of course, film.

The past six years have a been busy for me, with lots of ups and downs as you would expect and as a result, this blog reflects this, with periods of absence and intense periods of activity, peaking in the summer of 2013. I will always endeavour to write, post and maintain nEoFILM and as long as the band of faithful readers is out there then you, they and everyone who joins the nEoFILM readership can rest assured that the quality content will continue for years to come.

So, I will leave you with this, a collection of the key banners beginning with the one of the latest and ending  with the first “Blue” banner which set the simple and yet bold tone of the blog back in 2009 and 2010 until it was replaced in 2011.

February also saw the first attempt at a Promo Video, the aim was raise the profile via Youtube.

This year I have focused more on articles than reviews, posting my first OST review, Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar (2014) and again, taking a look at Flicker Alley and their Cinerama releases.

In 2015 we have also celebrated the anniversaries of the Summer Blockbuster @40 and the Centenary of 3-D, which was first projected back in June of 1915.

September saw the first issue of the nEoFILM Hardcopy, a printed version of the blog’s output for the month previous. It is an experiment and whether it will continue is up to you so feedback is appreciated.

Thank you all for growing and consistent support over the years.


2009 – 2015


neopol-film-banner-2013-mark-2-work-white-plain-1.jpg neopol-film-banner-2013-mark-2-work-white-montage-1.jpg neopol-film-banner-2013-mark-2-work-white.jpg neopol film banner 2013 work white blue neopol film banner 2013 work neofilm-2012-banner-2012-350.jpg neofilm-banner-2011-2.jpg neofilm-banner.jpg

Photography by ©nEoPOL 2009 – 2015 All rights reserved

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