What a month. Having been off work for 6 weeks since mid October, I’ve managed to get through over 40 movies from my must see list over the years, all detailed in yesterdays post (6 Weeks, 60 Years Of Movies…).

But as I only use compiled review posts as a back up if I’ve not posted any or a sufficient amount of independent reviews in any given month, It was a toss up between Roman Polanski’s Chinatown (1974) or Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper (2014).

Well, Chinatown has it, and was also this months only 10 Candle review.



But this was also a month of some epic fails. The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) and Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015) both received 1 Candle, making this one of the most divisive months so far. And nEoFILM turned 6 year month and we are still going strong thanks to the support of our readers.

Thank you.

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