batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice_ver3_xlgAs the latest trailer for Zack Snyder’s second foray into the new DC Universe hits the internet yesterday, I can not help but feel a little disappointment. This is the first real example of why this summer blockbuster has been moved to the March release slot, one reserved for films that may of may not yield the best results.

With less pressure, this movie may well have enough room to breath and it failures could be managed and dismissed more easily than if it was to be released in the height of blockbuster season, June, July or August.

My first real complaint here is that it appears that this trailer is giving away the farm, revealing way to much, including a shrill Lex Luthor as well as a rather clunky looking monster villain and taking us, through the course of the trailer from Kent Vs. Wayne, Batman Vs. Superman to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman Vs. something else.

Watch the trailer below:

I’m sure that there is plenty more to look forward too and these revelations are hardly a surprise but it could have been kept back for the final film. So, with just four months to go, let us just hope that there is more to this movie than the trailer is suggesting because if not, this could be a huge disappointment.

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