DIRECTOR: William Shatner

May contain spoilers!

Without a doubt, the weakest of the Star Trek movies, as well as the only one to be directed by the star himself, William Shatner (Captain Kirk). Unlike the previous two films, III & IV, which were both directed by his co-star the late Leonard Nimoy (Spock), this movie lacks the understanding of the characters, with Shatner opting for a vacuous action set up and a comedic tone, most of which falls flat.

And also unlike its predecessors, the effects work was NOT carried out by ILM, resulting in some of the poorest effects of the entire franchise, supporting a story which besides the hunt for God and the sudden appearance Spock’s half brother, Sybok, a plot point which Gene Rodenberry himself was soon to dismiss as NOT CANON, the action sequences and set up are just so poorly executed, it is beyond laughable.

Shatner does not seem to to care less about continuity, the show’s imternal logic surrounding the technology, the ship or even the universe and seems to think that Star Trek fans  are imbeciles and will swallow any old nonsense!

But having said all that, Star Trek is a long running movie franchise, 36 years old so far, with the series about to celebrate its 50th Anniversary next September and as such is entitled to a bad episode as any series is. James Bond is hardly a canon of masterpieces, nor is Star Wars. But if this was simply a science fiction movie, it would have been forgotten along time ago.

Thanks to the loyalty of the fans and the longevity of the franchise as a whole, Star Trek V, warts and all will be played for years to come and maybe we will become more forgiving of it in time. I already feel a little better towards it… Time is a healer.

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