DIRECTOR: Çetin Inanç



Made in Turkey in 1982, this cult classic is just that, ‘cult’ to the extreme.

With music from Indiana Jones and tons of visual effects footage litterally lifted from Star Wars (1977), let alone Meteor (1979), this is the one of the most bizarre films that I have ever seen. But I suspect in making that claim, that I am giving away my ignorance of an entire sub-genre of movies which are truly so bad, that they may well be good!

Maybe, but this clearly is not for me. Using clips from an original anamorphic, presumably 35mm print of Star Wars as the basis for the film’s effects, this is actually a bit of gem for Star Wars fans in the sense that this is at lease one of the ways to watch original footage from presumably the first cut of the film, before the myriad of changes was to take place.

But beside the film’s actual footage, with ludicrous costumes, poor derivative plotting, the editing and direction is beyond laughable. There is simply no reason for this film to be this bad and it is just bad! Many will see it as quirky and fun, but maybe I am just being miserable but I see a film which is painfully bad, cheap and silly, though I will hold back from saying nasty, because when all is said and done, it is charming in a warm and cuddly kind of way.

Certainly, as one of the many Star Wars rip-offs of the early 1980’s, this is a curiosity and certainly one worth checking out, at least for a few minutes. You may well get a laugh out of it.

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