DIRECTOR: Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat

Contains spoilers!

Taking off right where the last one (Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984) left off, this is somewhat darker in tone from opening. Where as the first film spent its time rescuing our little heroine, Cindel’s (Aubree Miller) parents from an ogre, they are quickly dispatched along with her older brother and hero of the last film, Mace, leaving her orphaned and on the run from an evil band of marauders along with Ewok, Wicket.

This is a bold start so there are no complaints here, but Wicket on the other hand, after spending time with the human family has learned some English, a skill which he did not have in the supposed to sequel to this, The Return Of The Jedi (1983).

But putting that on one side, the production values are okay, reasonable for a TV movie of the time, but this was released theatrically in some markets, Europe and the U.K. for sure.

This is pretty simple fair, having more in common with Lucas’ next big movie, Willow (1988) and He-Man than Star Wars (1977) but as family fantasy film it works just fine. Evil witch, even more evil monstrous marauder leader, a little girl in peril coming of age, Wilford Brimly!, this has it all.

But is it worth seeing now, 30 years later? Has this or its predecessor got any staying power? NO, not really.

I have only finally decided to watch this after all this time because of its Star Wars connections and without that I would not have bothered and would have miss nothing.

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