DIRECTOR: Kevin Burns

(Contains mild language)

This is one of those “let’s read way too much in to everything” type of documentaries, in which every aspect of Star Wars is analysed and assigned a root in existing mythology or history.

Also, its talking heads are hardly visible as they are firmly rooted up George Lucas‘ Arse!

They over analyse the entire saga as it stood 2007, to both correctly and contrivably drive meanings and associations with myths and Nazi Germany. Well, so what! and Well done! As a four year old boy back in 1982 I had worked this one out for myself! The Empire where a combination of Romans and Nazis, get over it!

But they even miss a couple if more obvious examples, such as likening the Ewok battle in Return Of The Jedi (1983) to David and Goliath rather than the more direct reference of Luke defeating the Rancor earlier in the same movie with a STONE!

All in all, it is worth a watch but take this sycophantic nonsense with a pinch of salt. If you want a proper objective analysis then I would suggest searching Youtube for an endless array of unsanctioned and unlicensed videos on the subject and you will learn so much more.

It is all subjective but at least the opinions of the internet are real and not polished by Lucasfilm.

In this documentary, George Lucas is a genius. Sorry, but at his best he can create some brilliant derivative interpretations which I like, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but the notion that the failed Prequel trilogy is just misunderstood to the extent that is actually a work of art is just ludicrous!

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