DIRECTOR: Michael Lembeck

May contain spoilers!

Evil Santa (Tim Allen) delivers coal: The real Santa (Tim Allen) is about to lose his powers if he fails to enact the second ‘Santa Clause’, ‘The Mrs Clause’: Somehow, this sequel is better than the 1994 original, probably because it does not begin with Santa’s untimely death at the hands our hero, Tim Allen!…

…Who proceeds to take his coat, inadvertently enacting the eponymous ‘The Santa Clause’ and the rest is history.

Well, this plays out many sequel tropes. Allen is established as Santa, his son is playing up at school because he feels mildly but not irredeemably rejected, Santa must find love within just a few days and guess what, succeeds and Christmas itself is about to ruined by a Robotic Santa created to by Santa’s Elves to replace him if he was to fail, only for it to malfunction and decide that all kids are naughty!

I liked this. It was good fun, allowing Allen to play with his established character in peril rather than be ‘the fish out of water’ from the first film, and the plot works and it feels like a Christmas film, its heart is in the right place and as commercial sequels go, this was not half bad.

Merry Christmas from nEoFILM!

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