As 2015 draws to a close, December has been a busy month for me, with the main focus being of my viewing being on Star Wars, trying to review as much of the franchise a possible, weather it be from Blu-ray, DVD, TV or Youtube, I wanted to get a feel for the 38 year saga in all its forms.

But that was not the be all and end all of this month as the following list of 45 movies reveals…


  • THE KID (1921/1971) 8/10 “A bitter sweet comedy with a lot of heart. Classic Chaplin”



  • THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY (16mm) (1944) 5/10 “Passionless adaptation of the Pulitzer prize winning novel”
  • Imiracle-on-34th-street-posterT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (COLOURISED) (1946/2007) 10/10 “A complex and dark classic, transformed from a drama of a man’s struggle to find happiness in the final supernatural act, in whcih this becomes one of the best Christmas films of all time.
  • MIRACLE ON 34th STREET(COLOURISED) (1947/1985) 10/10 “A warm hearted and breezy festive treat, boasting compelling performances and a witty script.”



  • HIGH NOON (1952) 9/10 “A smart, classic western with first class performances and witty dialogue”
  • SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD (CINERAMA) (1956) 6/10 “A shockingly vulgar American propaganda film from the post war era. If it was not for my love of Cinerama as a process, I would be giving this film 1/10!”



  • HOLIDAY IN SPAIN (SCENT OF MYSTERY) (CINERAMA) (1960/1962) 8/10 “Reconstruction of the Cinerama re-release/re-edit of the Smell-o-vision movie, “Scent Of Mystery”. A great restoration job as ever and the cameo/twist ending was enjoyable”


  • ROCKY (1976) 8/10 “A solid boxing movie, much grittier than seemingly endless array of sequels”
  • rocky_ver1STAR WARS: EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE (1977/2015) 10/10 “The ground breaking and generation defining blockbuster never gets old”



  • STAR WARS: EPISODE V: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980/2015) 10/10 “The sequel which defines all sequels”
  • TURKISH STAR WARS (1982) 1/10 “Haha…”
  • AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL (1982) 8/10 “Daft but I love it!”
  • STAR WARS: EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983/2015) 8/10 “The weakest of the original trilogy but still great fun!”
  • afficheINDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984) 8/10 “Good fun, a change in tone from Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) but more outlandish”
  • EWOKS: BATTLE FOR ENDOR (1985) 5/10 “Darker than its predecessor but still not for me”
  • STAR WARS: DROIDS “THE WHITE WITCH” (1985) 6/10 “Better than I remembered it”
  • STAR WARS: EWOKS “THE CRIES OF THE TREES” (1985) 5/10 “About the same as I remembered it…”



  • STAR TREK: GENERATIONS (1994) 7/10 “Tries to do to much but not a bad way to wrap up the TNG series”
  • star_trek_first_contact_ver2MIRACLE ON 34th STREET (1994) 7/10 “Smushy and overly complex remake of the Christmas Classic”
  • STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (1996) 9/10 “Critically, the best of The Next Generation era movies”
  • STAR TREK: INSURRECTION (1998) 7/10 “Enjoyable yet derivative adventure but feels like an elongated episode of the TV show”
  • STAR WARS: EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999/2015) 5/10 “Jar Jar Binks!”



  • STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002/2015) 5/10 “I truly, deeply love you…Oh dear!”
  • THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 (2002) 7/10 “A good sequel”
  • santa_clause_two_ver2_xlgSTAR TREK: NEMESIS (2002) 9/10 “The best and most theatrical Next Generation movie”
  • STAR WARS: CLONE WARS (2003-2005) 9/10 “The first brilliant animated interpretation of the Star Wars Saga”
  • STAR WARS: EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH (2005/2015) 7/10 “The best of the Prequels”
  • SHREK THE THIRD (2007) 6/10 “The weakest of the saga”
  • TRANSFORMERS (2007) 10/10 “Much derided adaptation but a roller coaster ride of entertainment”
  • STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (2008) 7/10 “A theatrical pilot for a bold series”
  • STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS 1.1 “AMBUSH” (2008) 7/10 “An interesting start to a series which never quite grabs me”
  • SPEED RACER (2008) 5/10 “This reboot of the 60’s Anime TV show of the same name is directed to within an inch of it’s life with effects that are just one notch above Tron (1982)! Why?”
  • CLOVERFIELD (2008) 8/10 “Probably the best Found Footage movie to date”
  • STAR TREK (2009) 7/10 “J.J. Abram’s Trek reboot”



  • MALEFICENT (3D) (2013) 6/10 “Interesting retelling of the Disney Classic”
  • STAR WARS: REBELS 1.1 “SPARK OF REBELLION” (2014) 8/10 “A really good start”
  • CHAPPiE (2014) 7/10 “Touching if not underdeveloped Robocop-esk Sci-Fi thriller”
  • BIG HERO 6 (3D) (2014) 7/10 “Disney discreet Marvel movie is fun but not the best of either franchise.”
  • NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3: SECRET OF THE TOMB (2014) 8/10 “Best of the series”
  • FROZEN FEVER (SHORT) (2015) 7/10 “Set-up for an average song but still some funny moments and not as cringe-worthy as it could have been”
  • CINDERELLA (2015) 8/10 “Better than the Classic Animation whilst paying homge to it perfectly”
  • AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (3D) (2015) 8/10 “Bloated but still enjoyable action packed sequel”
  • ANT-MAN (3D) (2015) 8/10 “Good old fashioned action romp. Great fun”
  • LAVA (SHORT) (3D) (2015) 5/10 “Average musical short”
  • INSIDE OUT (3D) (2015) 9/10 “Main contender for Film Of The Year”
  • star_wars_episode_vii__the_force_awakens_ver8_xlgMISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION (2015) 8/10 “One of the best entries of the franchise so far. Proof that the law of diminishing returns is not always sound”
  • PIXELS (3D) (2015) 6/10 “Good, simple fun”
  • STAR WARS: EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS (3D) (2015) 10/10 “A brilliant return to form for the flagging franchise. The first REAL Star Wars film since Return Of The Jedi”

N.B. The Force Awakens is also the FIRST and ONLY 10 Candle film of 2015.

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