2011 DIRECTOR: Madonna May contain spoilers! Mills and Boon meets the house of Windsor. What to there to say about this. Firstly it is a shame because in many ways, Madonna's direction is actually pretty damn good. She certainly holds her own against many other directors, certainly when it comes to style but this film is … Continue reading W.E.


2004 DIRECTOR: Michael Moore May contain spoilers! Fahrenheit 9/11, a title derived from Ray Bradbury's dystopia book burning sci-fi novel, Fahrenheit 451, is Michael Moore's second stunt filled documentary, this takes  controversial yet award winning look at the events which led to and succeeded 9/11. Littered  with embarrassing footage of George. W. Bush and his aides as they … Continue reading FAHRENHEIT 9/11


Well, here it is, right on schedule, as promised. The first episode of a pilot series of video reviews is up and ready to view at your leisure NOW on YouTube or through nEoFILM right here! This episode is a review of Holiday In Spain (1962) (Cinerama). So recap on what we have already stated: … Continue reading WELCOME TO nEoFILM VIDEO… EPISODE 1 “HOLIDAY IN SPAIN”


Premièring tomorrow on Youtube and available through the nEoFILM Blog, we are making the move into new and uncharted territory. After six years and over 700 written reviews, we are now planning to begin recording and releasing short videos, featuring reviews, lists, rants and comments, simply extending the range of nEoFILM to a new platform. Please … Continue reading INTRODUCING nEoFILM’s VIDEO REVIEWS…


2014 DIRECTOR: Trevor Matthews May contain spoilers! Toting itself as a "Halloween style horror flick for the digital age", the story of a house of internet web-cam girls who are stalled, tortured and murdered, live on the web, is a grotesquely unimaginative, borderline pornographic attempt to exploit the horror audience. Having a young woman wearing nothing but … Continue reading GIRLHOUSE