DIRECTOR: Darren Aronovsky

May contain spoilers!

The Bible…

…Fact, fiction, parable or faith? What ever it is, it lends itself to some epic drama. The story of the great flood is not really a story which a full film makes, being quite simple, short and to the point. But in the wake of The Lord Of The Rings (2001-2003) and 300 (2006), which is of course is based on a real event though the film is mainly fantasy, Noah pads out the story with interpretation, a set of rock creatures that may well have been cut from Star Trek V (1989)!

But seriously, I like this. Most biblical epics have been padded out to create drama and this is only 138 minutes long whilst The King Of Kings (1961) and The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) where both over three hours, both recapping the story of Jesus Christ but spending a lot of time with other characters.

But the tone here is epic, fantastical, mystical, the idea that a tale from the old testament need not, should not be regal, rather raw and dark. There was a reason why God wanted to wipe out mankind and here, it is portrayed well. But one of the interesting avenues taken by Aronofsky is the fanaticism of Noah himself.

He is intent of fulfilling God’s will and will stop at nothing to do so. He falls deeper and deeper in to this fanatical way, prepared to murder members of his own family if need be. Some found this difficult by I found this to be believable and plausible. Crowe’s Noah is on the edge in a world on the brink of destruction. He is its savour and tough choices need to be made. God picked the right man for the job, if not the nicest.


Blu-ray_3DI had the good fortune to watch this on Blu-ray 3D, something which few will have been able to do in the U.K. as it was not available either in cinemas or Blu-ray 3D over here. My copy is European and looked great. Why only certain markets have 3D cinematic versions of films in beyond me but still, if you get a chance to see it like this, then do so.

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