DIRECTOR: Trevor Matthews

May contain spoilers!

Toting itself as a “Halloween style horror flick for the digital age”, the story of a house of internet web-cam girls who are stalled, tortured and murdered, live on the web, is a grotesquely unimaginative, borderline pornographic attempt to exploit the horror audience.

Having a young woman wearing nothing but bright red bra and suspenders, as is the poster,  bag herself after having her fingers cut off, pretty much sums this up. The only girl not to be semi or completely naked by the film’s finale, is the lead, Abi Cobrin, who is obviously the lone survivor of the house, managing to remain the most dignified throughout.

Playing on EVERY slasher trope imaginable, this is as cynical a movie as they come, offering nothing new, nothing imaginative, simply glossy sex and violence for the sake of it. Granted, on that note, it is a perfectly entertaining late night horror, offering mild titillation and maybe a laugh or two and I presume that was the point, but seriously, is this best that they could do?

On another note, the production values were good and beyond the obscurity of this grotesque movie, it looked alight.

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