DIRECTOR: Michael Moore

May contain spoilers!

Fahrenheit 9/11, a title derived from Ray Bradbury’s dystopia book burning sci-fi novel, Fahrenheit 451, is Michael Moore’s second stunt filled documentary, this takes  controversial yet award winning look at the events which led to and succeeded 9/11. Littered  with embarrassing footage of George. W. Bush and his aides as they tried to justify their war footing after the 2001 terror attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, as Bush is playing golf, shooting birds or just bumbling his way through inconstant and at times, incoherent speeches, Moore makes his case against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Just as he demonstrates the Bush administration’s spin tactics to “dupe” the American public as well as the worlds population to back what Moore claims in a pro-business war in the Middle East, he is successfully using similar, single track methods of showing this, steering the conversation towards his views and making a mockery out of his opponents with skilfully and witty editing. This in tun, is just as much an act of propaganda as those committed by Bush and his allies. Though it clear that the material used, such a TV interviews etc… are genuine and though the context is smudged, the words and action speak for themselves.

But having said that, I personally AGREE with his case,  it is one whcih I have been making myself for just as long as Moore has. But that does not negate the fact that his arguments are skewed in his favour and very manipulative against Bush. But that aside, this is a very rye and funny film about a series of very un-funny event, many of which are nothing short of horrific.

As this moves into the war itself, the attitudes of the U.S. troops is shocking, as is their change over the first few weeks, as is the footage of the war torn country before and after the invasion. But I will leave the film to speak for itself and it most defiantly does so.

Moore has created a liberal propaganda masterpiece and propaganda is not necessarily a lie but spin and this is the perfect counter to Bush and his collaborator’s spin and worthy of praise whether you agree with his stunts or conclusions, or not.

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