The second episode is out of the can!

The second instalment of our pilot series of video reviews is up and ready to view at your leisure NOW on YouTube or through nEoFILM right here!

This episode focuses on our reaction to the news that Star Wars: Episode VIII has been moved to Christmas 2017 fro original May release slot and that Avatar 2 has been delayed yet again, presumably unwilling to go up against Star Wars as it was originally slated for release next Christmas also.

So recap on what we have already stated:

We are making the move into new and uncharted territory. After six years and over 700 written reviews, we are now planning to begin recording and releasing short videos, featuring reviews, lists, rants and comments, simply extending the range of nEoFILM to a new platform.

Please be patient…

902201_348765028577195_928092761_o-001This is new ground for us and as with this very blog, it takes a while to settle down into a format and style which works for everyone, so the initial plan is for SIX episodes, each focusing on a different aspect of film and the news, muse and movie reviews concept which drives nEoFILM.

All going well the first episode should be up on tomorrow so give us a click as your support is always appreciated, as it has been for the past six years since nEoFILM’s inception in November 2009.

Thanks in advance and we hope you enjoy the show, though bare in mind, its look, tone and content will evolve as time rolls on and feedback will always be helpful.

We hope you enjoy the show…


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