Starring Anthony Qvinn (better known by actual name, Quinn) and Sofia Loren, Attila (aka Attila, Il Flagello Di Dio) is a 1954 spaghetti epic, a term used to describe Italian sword and sandal films of the era, following the fall of The Roman Empire to the Huns, namely Attila (Quinn).

But this film, spoken in Italian, is not available in English at all on DVD, not even subtitled but I believe that a VHS exists. We have a Super 8(mm) print, (entitled Attila The Hun) struck by the now defunct A.V. supplier Derran Audio Visual, complete with an English dub. So this print is very rare and one of the few ways that this film can be seen in English.

But besides watching this over 20 years ago, I cannot remember too much of this. So we have tried to watch this again, only to be met a obstacles. The first being the bulb blowing, which is not unusual, but after a replacement arrived, we tried again. Finally making it to the second reel, the projector exploded!

A loud bang and a plume of smoke pretty much put paid to any plans to watch this doomed movie. Is it a sign? Well, we are defiantly making sure that a fire extinguisher is to hand next time but sign or no sign, we are persevering with this film and a review WILL be written if we have to go through ten projectors!

But a new one is on the way and we will be trying this again sooner rather than later…

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