DIRECTOR: Tim Miller

May contain spoilers!

Deadpool’s viral marketing campaign has to be one of the best and most innovative to date, but my fears were that the film could never live up to it. Well, does it?


As is made clear from the opening credits, this is as innovative and and original a comic book movie as The Dark Knight was back in 2008. Redefining the genre and having so much fun in the process. The plot is almost inconsequential, as many comic book plots are but the way the story unfolds, is told and performed is just genius. A tight script whcih revels in breaking the fourth wall and even parodies this by breaking the 16th wall at one point, yeah , it kind of makes sense, Ryan Reynolds is channelling Jim Carey throughout, almost reviving the 1994 character from The Mask at times, but it does not feel forced or cheap, it feels reverential and cheeky.

And cheeky is the tone of the film which is going out of it’s way to offend but does so in an inoffensive way. Deadpool is not a nasty film, it is not trying to belittle the genre, rather it is trying to breathe some fresh air into a genre whcih in invariably safe and family oriented and reminding us that it was not always this way.

Comic book films in the 90’s where often R-rated, I mean just look mat Marvel’s FIRST big screen comic book outing of the present era back in 1998, Blade. Which of course, would by it’s third outing, also star Ryan Reynolds, as would X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) in whcih he played Deadpool 1.1, a very different version of the character and a boring one at that.

Wolverine and Hugh Jackman are the butt of the jokes here too, as are the X-Men, the X-Men movies and even Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours at one point, but if anything will seem to push this into a harder R-rating, it will be the constant sex jokes and there are a lot of them! The one with the little hand is hilarious but hopefully would go over the head of younger kids who will no doubt be watching this whether their parents let them or not.

But the same can be said for a lot of the humour here. It is quality and you do have to decipher the innuendo and it is therefore and smart movie, not a crass one. On the surface this looks like any old rude comedy but it is not. Deadpool is a highly sophisticated parody of the the genre whilst managing to be a direct part of it. This IS an X-Men spin-off movie and it is clear that the intention is to integrate him into the team at some point in the future and in doing so will re-define the genre yet again.

In short, I loved it! Fresh, fun and surprising and despite the mixed reviews I believe that will be a classic in no time at all.

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