DIRECTOR: Andy Fickman

May contain spoilers!

A comedy with only ONE successful joke? Can it be classed as a comedy, especially as the “joke” in question was only mildly amusing and comes right at the end, yeah, the one with horse kick?

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is possibly the most unfunny comedy that I have ever seen and I’ve seen it one and a half times and neither time did I laugh with the exception of the final gag; in fact, I found myself asking myself throughout, “was that joke?” “should I be laughing?” “Cringe!”

Kevin James is hardly a comic great and I will be gob smacked if he is to be remembered as one on the future, rather than the hanger-on-er that he truly is, pigging backing on the shoulders of his mate, Adam Sandler, but here he is even below par for himself! And the bar is hardly raised very particularly high, with his best character performance coming from his début in TV sitcom King Of Queens.

The plot is daft, the acting is poor, resorting to caricatures rather than characters and a brand of lazy over top humour that this movie manages to push to a new low. God help us if there is to be a Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3!


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