DIRECTOR: George Miller

May contain spoilers!

Almost 40 years since the young, maverick film-maker George Miller’s first foray into the universe of Mad Max back in 1979, Miller returns to his franchise to take on a trip down the Fury Road.

So, what is this? Well, it is a sequel, recasting the now aged Mel Gibson with the star of the moment, Tom Hardy, who takes Mel’s Mad Max inflected voice off perfectly but other than that, this is Hardy’s performance, low key though it is.

But whilst Max is low key, everything else is turned up to eleven, with epic action sequences, which have as much imagination as they do thrills and spills, this is a CGI fest but one so bizarre that it woks. It takes you out of the imperfections and drops you squarely into the world of Mad Max and the Furiosa, (Charlize Theron) as she is helping the beautiful wives of the despot to escape to a better life.

Yes, this is yet another feminist take on an otherwise “Mans” film and one which is all the better for it. The downside is that Max is down played into a supporting role by Furiosa, leading to his character to be a little underdeveloped and wasted. Yes, we knew what everyone was doing and why but that was about it. It was just an action-fest from start to finish, but as action goes, this was at times as innovative as it was thrilling.

Just as Miller began with a low key biker gang movie with Mad Max (1979), he has taken what he has got and gone mad with it, maybe fearing that if he did not use every pixel of CGI available to him that he would somehow be wasting his time. Well, the results are most defiantly on the screen.

This is defiantly a sequel to the latter two Mad Max films though, as Mad Max is kind of out on its own but if you like the Madness of Max, then you should love this, but if like me, you think that Mad Max is okay, then do not expect this movie to miraculously change your opinions; this is a Mad Max movie through and  through.

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