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February was a yet another big month for nEoFILM. Here is a run down of the movies which we watched over the past month, all 26 of them spanning six decades of film…


  • ATTILA THE HUN (8mm) 1956 7/10 “A solid Spaghetti Epic, all but lost in the English language”


  • CALIGULA 1979 5/10 “Obscene but unforgettable”
  • MAD MAX 1979 8/10 “Classic low budget petrol head movie”


  • SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE 1987 7/10 “Decent enough, in spite of it’s low budget. Nowhere near a diabolical as many would have us believe.”
  • MAD MAX: THE ROAD WARRIOR 1981 7/10 “There’s no doubt that Miller’s petrol head romps deliver superb car action”
  • MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME 1985 6/10 “The weakest of the Mad Max Saga but it has it’s moments… and Tina Turner…”


  • BLUE PLANET (IMAX) 1990 8/10 “A beautiful look at our home through an IMAX lens”
  • CAPE FEAR 1991 7/10 “A decent enough thriller, told through Scorsese’s eye and faithful to the original”
  • GROUNDHOG DAY 1993 6/10 “More notable for coining the term “Groundhog Day” in referring to the concept of repeating time than it is a remarkable film.”
  • THE MAGIC OF FLIGHT (IMAX) 1996 7/10 “Mildly interesting IMAX documentary”


  • BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE 2002 9/10 “Cutting documentary about America’s love affair with their guns.”
  • GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS 3D (IMAX 3D) 2003 7/10 “Interesting if not cheap follow up documentary to James Cameron’s Titanic”
  • SHARKS 3D (IMAX 3D) 2005 7/10 “Engrossing and deep 3D tells the shallow story of a few sharks”
  • UP (3D) 2009 10/10 “Another all time classic from the house of Pixar”


  • HUBBLE 3D (IMAX 3D) 2010 9/10 “One of the best 3D experiences that I have ever had”
  • MEGAMIND (3D) 2010 7/10 “Good fun but as good as Despicable Me”
  • THE A-TEAM 2011 6/10 “More fun that it should have been”
  • STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (3D) 2013 8/10 “The better of the two J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboots”
  • ROBOCOP 2013 7/10 “A decent enough action movie but pale in comparison to the original Robocop”
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER 2014 8/10 “The best Marvel film (of the Avenger’s series) to date.
  • BIG HERO 6 (3D) 2014 6/10 “Good intentions cannot save this Disney meets Marvel tries to do The Incredibles animated superhero movie”
  • JOHN WICK 2015 8/10 “Better than it should have been”
  • PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2 2015 1/10 “Simply NOT FUNNY!”
  • UNFRIENDED 2015 6/10 “Blair Witch for the internet Facebook era”
  • THE MARTIAN 3D 2015 8/10 “A good film but more of an advert for NASA than a compelling drama”
  • DEADPOOL 2016 10/10 “The BEST Marvel film in over a decade. There, I said it!”

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