81IX8-b5lGL._SL1500_With yesterday’s announcement of the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital editions of Star Wars The Force Awakens, the glaring omission of the 3D version has really p**sed me off!

I was hoping that all this bull***t would have gone the way of the do-do after Lucas gave up his control of Lucasfilm but no, Disney are set to milk this for all it’s worth, by at the very least, making us pay out twice for the movie if we want it 3D.

But this is not all that is missing, there is NO commentary track either, as they have clearly rushed this out and do not care one iota about the value of their release.
I can only hope that this 3D delay has something to do with the release of the Prequel Trilogy in 3D, as we know that they DO exist, certainly Episode I which was released in theatres back in 2012, with II and III being shown at conventions, but what about the planned conversion of the Original Trilogy? Is this delay a glimmer of hope that all seven movies will be converted?

HanSoloChewbaccaOnly time will tell but I will be livid if we do not see a 3D Blu-ray of The Force Awakens before Christmas. This is a disgraceful move from Disney, but what do you expect?

The Force Awakens will be on shelves on April 5th in the U.S. and April 18th here in the U.K., with the digital release preceding on April 1st.

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