May contain spoilers!

Simply put, this is The Hunger Games – lite. Offering little in way of a plausible explanation of motivation, we are introduced to a group of teenage boys in “The Glade”, the centre of a huge maze complex, a maze with changes it’s configuration each night.

The maze is deadly and only “Runners” are permitted to enter. In short the maze is a trial to be passed and as the contrived plot plays out, it literally lifts moments from better films, especially The Hunger Games, but as The Hunger Games took it’s time to enter the arena, it established a complex world in which to justify the main event but here, we just spend over half the film arguing in the glade before spending about fifteen minutes traversing the maze which seems to be nothing more than running away from a few movable walls and some weird cyborg spiders!

It is after this that we find out “The Truth” which is so obviously a pack of lies, they need not have bothered! But in the end, the whole film is nothing more than an exercise. I want to say that it spends its running time setting up number two and whilst it literally does set up The Scorch Trials by actually saying this at the end, this is trying to be a film about running the maze.

But it is boring, contrived, derivative and in some ways patronising. It feels cheap and childish.

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