DIRECTOR: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

May contain spoilers!

These Disney short follow-ups to their major hits always fill me dread. This case in particular, where Frozen (2013) is a genuinely great movie, one which has now been followed up with this seven minutes cartoon was a little worrying as it had a lot to live up to.

Well, scrap that. It is basically a song and that is about it. That was a good, if not cynically motivated choice. Keep it simple and to the point. It works. The constant references to ALL the characters who made their marks on the main feature are well conceived too and do not outstay their welcome but as the for the song…

Well, it ain’t Let it go… or Long time in forever or even Rain-dears are better than people, which, let us face it, the tune was lifted from that bar song from Tangled anyway. But it is a forgettable song for a short which is nothing more than a teaser to keep our interest whilst we wait for Frozen 2.

But as teasers go, this is fine. Pretty light and enjoyable, in keeping with the tone of Frozen and generally doing no harm. And there is no doubt that it served it purpose as an insurance policy for the film it was attached too, Disney’s Cinderella (2015). But they need not have worried, Cinderella did just fine by herself and this is just nice treat to go along with it.

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