DIRECTOR: Pietro Francisci

This is a hard movie to see. Better known as Attila in it’s native Italy, yet the Derran Super 8 release which I saw was called Attila The Hun and also dubbed into English, a version whcih I have to find on home media.

Starring Anthony Quinn, (Qvinn) and Sofia Loren, Attila (Quinn) took on the on the Roman Empire and won, setting the scene for their final fall and evolution in to the Rome which still exists to day, the seat of power for Christianity and the Pope.

The film is short, pre-widescreen and a simple sword and sandal epic of the period, not a match for the colourful MGM epics of the same the era but a cheaper alternative. Having said that, Attila is a simple and effective tale, based on the truth of the Hun’s war against the weakening Roman Empire.

Featuring typically overblown performances of the day, there is no doubt that Quinn is actually quite good and convincing as the rebellious leader and whilst much if the dialogue is explanatory and a bit representative, it works on its own level, whilst not being a convincing epic it manages to tell its story well, concisely and entertaining.






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