DIRECTOR: Baltasar Kormákur

Everest tells the story of the tragic ascent of the mountain in 1996, dubbed the “1996 Mount Everest Disaster” in which several climbers lost their lives. The story is tragic, true and well documented as one of the worst disasters in the mountain’s recent climbing history but how does this film tell that story?

It recreates the events and the environment well, but it fails to tell a compelling story. The events are relayed on a production line, with low-key events leading to low-key deaths and whilst it must be given credit for showing us the relative of life and death on a mountain, if fails to draw us in anything like as much as you might expect from a 3-D epic such as this.

The characters are hollow, the scenery, whilst beautiful, is repetitive, I mean, it is a mountain for god’s sake! And besides a touching final call between a one of our dying climbers, I will not say which, and his wife, as well as a daring helicopter rescue, the film is quite frankly, and I hate to say this, boring.

With a cast as good as this, the technology to recreate Everest so well and the true story behind it, this should not have been so plodding and what should have been a tear jerking climax simply falls short.

Points for effort but none for the disappointing final result.

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