DIRECTOR: Byron Howard, Rich Moore & Jared Bush

On the surface, Zootropolis appears to be yet another anthropomorphised adventure centring on animals who are relateble to us. The concept is it a little out there though, taking us into a world where animals evolved in our stead to rule the world but there is little more to justify this concept in the film, which simply substitutes humans for animals.

But what it does do, is what any great work of science fiction would do and turn the entire concept into a metaphor for real life issues. Racism perhaps? Well, this is how kids will generally see it but when you get down to it, Zootopia is very lightly veiled metaphor for the post 9/11 era, the noughties and the Bush administration etc… In short, this is as much a liberal propaganda piece as it is a children’s cartoon.

zootopia_ver20_xlgBut I am personally very partial to liberal propaganda so I am happy as we are taken on tour of fear, Guantanamo Bay and the raw, baseline politics of these dubious times which are still far from behind us.

The film itself though, is great fun, sharply written, again maintaining the trend of leading with a strong young female accompanied by a male sidekick, a trend whcih I like as it does redress the balance of 120 years of cinema in which women were seen a supporting characters for male stars, but I am concerned that it will become overplayed and the point will be lost. But Officer Bunny, sorry, Hops (Ginnifer Goldwin) is a good character, as well as her partner, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a bunny and fox working together, the irony… or the point of the film.

Kids will and do love it and adults, whether you see it as just animated fun or take the more subversive metaphors seriously, you should not be disappointed with this, the 54th Disney Classic.



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