DIRECTOR: Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze is back, this time with a profoundly intriguing love story of our time. Playing with he notion that people have taken to hiding behind their Facebook profiles rather than dealing with real human relationships in real human ways. But this takes it a step further, introducing us to a world of AI operating systems which are capable of falling in love…. with us.

This is not new but is generally done with robots and androids, not the operating system, but to Jones has manages to craft a beautiful love story set in a bizarre but not completely outlandish circumstance. Are we really that far away from this issue? Are we about to take social media to a new level, removing all but ourselves from the human equation?

This is what I believe that Jones is talking about and whether it comes too pass or not, Her will no doubt become a sci-fi movie of our time for decades to come. Shining a light on the dawn of the social media age, an age which we are shaping everyday.

But this is not just Spike Jonze’s film, as he is supported by an ace cast at the top of their game, with Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlet Johnson leading the cast through this intriguing tale of the seemingly doomed relationship with a machine, only to comment perfectly on the state of mind driving the modern relationship in the 21st century.

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