DIRECTORS: Chris Renaud & Kyle Balda


One Question: How can a film which adapts a satirical novel about cynical consumerism actually be a cynical consumerist vehicle? When it is called The Lorax, that’s when!

Proudly declaring that this is made by the creators of Despicable Me (2010), which was quite good, The Lorax is supposed to be an adaption of Dr. Seuss’ children’s book of the same name, but whilst it might be based around the material, it seems to lose itself it is own desire to sell air to the public, just as the villain of the piece does.

Seeming to be little more than a karaoke movie, in which the weak songs take precedent over the thin plot, the animation style is okay for what it is, though the whole thing seems to be patronisingly childish. Failing to appeal to an adult audience who could have appreciated the film’s message, maybe even more than the kids.

In my opinion, this is a disaster of a movie. missing its opportunity to adapt this classic novel into a what could have been at the very least, a decent film if not a classic in its own right. Instead, we are left with a forgettable and pointless movie, which I found to be confusing, boring and actually abrasive. This film irritated me and I am not one to dismiss a children’s film even if I do not like it. But this was difficult to sit through and that is saying something.

And as for the Lorax himself, voiced by Danny DeVito… Where was he? He only seemed to get a few scenes and that is not much for a title character of a kids movie. Misjudged from the start…


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