Preceding Despicable Me (2010) by a few months, Megamind was one of the first wave of 3D Animated movies of the post Avatar 3D era. This and Despicable have a lot in common, both focusing on the redemption of a super villain, in this case the titular Megamind, voiced by the Lenten Will Farrell, a large headed, blue skinned alien who was sent from his dying world, Superman style, at the same time as a Superman type, Metro Man (Brad Pitt), was sent from a neighbouring planet just before they were sucked into a black hole.

But whilst the humanoid landed in the lap of luxury, Megamind crashed straight into prison, where he grew up believing that Crime was the only way. The Brad Pitt voiced Metroman would become Metro city’s savour, aka Superman, whilst Megamind would grow into his nemesis.

The pair would spar for years and bounce off each other, one become loved whilst the other reviled. But in a twist of fate, Megamind accidentally defeated Metro Man and wins the city to rule. But not satisfied with his victory and the idea of having no more battles to fight, Megamind sets his mind, mega or otherwise, to creating a new hero for the Metro City…

Overall I liked this film, which is undoubtedly driven by Will Farrell’s performance, though the plot is little crowded, seemingly with as many references as possible in the average animated running time. Even though these are fun, they are clearly aimed at mum and dad, possibly even the grandparents, leaving just sight gags and action for the kids.

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