1950's, 6 Candles, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller





DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s attempt at comedy; Blackest of black, certainly for the time in which this was shot, The Trouble With Harry is that like the majority of comedy vehicles, its shelf life was inevitably limited.

The film’s most notable boast is that it introduced Shirley MacLaine to the big screen in her first role as the eponymous’ “Harry’s” estranged wife, as she joins a perfectly good cast, all performing, in a many ways, better than the cast’s do in many Hitchcock films. Whilst Hitchcock always manages to bring something different and in many ways iconic to the screen, this is not one such example.


This is a borderline mediocre comedy following the events surrounding the body of “Harry” who several characters believe themselves to be responsible for his untimely death. In fact, none of them are, but this does not stop the motley group from burying, exhuming and re-burying his several times throughout the day.

In the end, this is a gentle comedy by today’s standards and whilst being macabre in nature, comedy has taken a much darker and sinister turn since 1955, so this feels tame, cooky in comparison and nothing more than just mildly amusing.

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