So, with less than two months to go, we have probably got all the trailers that we are getting, at least up until the TV spots begin to saturate the web in the run up to what may be one the most important films of the year.

With The Force Awakens (2015) successfully rescuing the franchise from doldrums in which it was abandoned by the prequel trilogy, it is now time to see whether Star Wars can enter the expanded universe theatrically.

The main saga is back on its feet but we have yet to see how Star Wars will perform  away from the Skywalker saga and within the universe established by Lucas over the past four decades. After Rogue One we can look forward to the Han Solo movie, which is rumoured to be set for a Trilogy!

Either way, there are big plans for this universe and the saga as a whole, but it is clear that the same pressure is on this movie to perform  well as what was on last years grand return.

Posted earlier in the year…

As the hype machine gains traction for this December’s release of the second Star Wars movie in as many years, the first of the stand alone adventures, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is set in the run up to the original outing, Star Wars: Episode IV:A New Hope (1977), as a team of Rebels steal the Death Star plans fought over in the original film.

Directed by  ex-guerilla film-maker, Gareth Edwards, who after his indie breakthrough, Monsters (2010) went on to resurrect and with great success, The King Of The Monsters himself, Godzilla, back in 2014.

The tone will be different as for the first time, they are free to tell a stand alone story, of sorts, with no commitment to its lead character’s destiny. Will they live or die? In theory, the plot will dictate that rather than the need to see Jen Ersa (Felicity Jones) or any of her cohorts in a sequel. Well, that is the idea at least.

But as we still have to wait until December 16th to find out if the spin-off series has any legs, the trailers have already begun to emerge and I can tell you, personally, I am impressed with what I am seeing. A darker more mature tone littered with plenty of references to a Star Wars universe which until last year, had been left for dead back in 1983.

But my concern is will this live up to expectations, I just hope that it is not just a fan boy’s wet dream. It is not enough just see the AT-AT’s, X-Wings, Tie fighters, Star Destroyers and the Death Star again, let alone Darth Vader! It needs to mean something.

Teaser Trailer

Theatrical Trailer #1

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