DIRECTOR: Greg MacGillivray

As IMAX 3D documentaries go, the idea of travelling through the Grand Canyon would seem to be an appealing concept. But in reality, this is a rather dull, preachy and patronising affair.

Clearly aimed at a Class Field trip audience, we are taken on a confused tour of the Colorado river, some of which takes place within the mile deep canyon, but by the end of this eco-presentation, I was left wanting more. More information, more story, just more.

The 3D was good, for what it was and at times, the photography was outstanding, reminiscence of the some of the Cinerama Travelogue’s of the 1950’s, 1957’s Search For Paradise in particular, but the narrative was weak and muddled. The journey was all over the place as we follow father and daughter explorers on their holidays for the last time before the daughter goes to University.

It was supposed to be charming but I did not get that. It just felt it was a bit odd and rather forced. But this is only 45 minutes and there are moments of grand IMAX beauty but for the most part this was just a jumble of poorly directed scenes and images. Greg MacGillivray simply has no idea of how put this together.

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