DIRECTORS:  Don Hall & Chris Williams

Based on a short lived and obscure Marvel comic book series of the same name, Big Hero 6 was an attempt by Disney to develop a Disney feature from their newly acquired catalogue of Marvel properties after Disney’s Marvel buy-out in 2010.

Popular though this movie is, I find it to be a little slow, plodding, patronising and trying too hard to evoke an emotional reaction from its audience. Focusing on Hiro, an orphan who’s older brother is also killed in an accident, he ends up creating a team of superheroes from a group of geeks and his late brother’s medical robot, B-Max.

Big Hero 6 was an attempt at blending Disney’s brand of sentimental animation with that of Pixar’s more imaginative stylised family action, The Incredibles springs to mind, along with Marvel’s more family friendly action romps which make up the Avenger’s franchise.

The result? Well, not so good. Entertaining? Sort of. Interesting? Okay if not derivative and what about innovative? No.

The 3-D was deep but also flat and uninteresting as was the story and the plodding pacing. The ideas were there but the execution was weak, with 2-D characters to make up a confused team. Was it supposed to be the X-Men or The Avengers? I believe that the Comic book the team was started not by Hiro but by an X-Man in the source material and the tone did lean towards X-Men: First Class (2010) at times, but overall, I found this to tick all the boxes in order to meet the expectation of fans of both superhero and Disney films.

As Hiro and B-Max fly across the city of San Fransokyo, I thought that I was watching How To Train Your Dragon (2010)! This borrows too much and offers too little to impress me and it was a shame as the notion of Disney producing an action hero movie is interesting but the results are nothing short of disappointing.

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