DIRECTOR: Peter Sohn

The first thing so say about this is that the trailers were very misleading. Instead of having a quiet, meek dinosaur meets human tale, we are given the opposite. In a world where the asteroid did not wipe out the dinosaurs, they have evolved into a farming species and after his father death, our eponymous Good Dinosaur is lost and must make his way home, when he befriends human boy, called Spot.

Spot is effectively a dog to our more cultured dinosaur who inhabit a world not at all dissimilar to the American Frontier. And there in lies the problem.

This is without a doubt the most beautifully animated film that I have ever seen, with a photo realistic animation so real, that it was distracting, as I actually wondered if they had cheated and blended real photography with CGI. The other issue was the setting and the love affair with old west which only really works if you are an American.

Yeah, we love a good western but this was just a bit of a weird interpretation, with T-Rex’s driving cattle and Brontosaurus’ growing corn. But having said all that, the plot as pure Pixar but without the humour. This is simply not funny and a change in tone for the studio but it is keeping with their groundbreaking approach to animation in many ways, this is as significant a breakthrough as Toy Story was back in 1995.

Yes, the animation was effectively driven by the same technology as most mainstream blockbusters but this film savored those moments, leaving us simply awestruck by the look and feel of this film.

Though it does feel at times to be a teaser reel for the animation capabilities of Pixar…

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