Today we are celebrating seven years of movie blogging with nEoFILM. Beginning life back in November 2009, this blog has both grown in content and gone through several changes. But those changes are generally cosmetic.

The heart of this blog is to be simple, short and to the point, to share our passion and love of movies from all decades, across all genres. We have reviewed films from 1896 up until 2016, discussed future movies and issues which the industry is and has tackled over the 120 years of cinema.

Technical changes, social evolution and so forth. But last month saw the first change in the theme of nEoFILM in seven years. And that is theme as is appearance! Always trying to maintain consistency and fighting the urge not to fix was was not broken, we have held on to same the look for all this time but times have changes and so have we.

So, again, thank you ALL for all your support over the years and w hope to be sharing this love of cinema fro many years to come. Stay tuned!

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