lg-4k-ultra-hd-discover-2-2-belowAs I have commented before of this blog, 3D is being slowly but surely abandoned by the mainstream media companies as 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) not only takes the lead, but seems to be supplanting what has come before.

Light loss is par for the course with 3D both in and out of the theatre as 4K is all about the brightness. I have a LG 4K OLED TV as well as an Optima HD/3D projector. The projector is my only source of 3D and I love it, though 3D is something which I enjoy sparingly.

But as long as movies are and HAVE been made in this format then I as I am sure many would agree, feel the need for 3D backwards compatibility to continue indefinably.

3d-blu-ray-japan-popularityBut as IMAX are rolling out their brighter Laser projectors in cinemas, I have a feeling that 3D is not so much on the way out completely, just in its current format. I believe, as I have written before, that the Avatar sequels are about to reveal the future of 3D WITHOUT polarized glasses and therefore without the light loss, something which would be much more compatible with 4K UHD and beyond.

But that is just my theory, one which has be mentioned after my last article on the subject, READ HERE, in whcih James Cameron has be quoted as saying that he wants to develop 3D without the glasses!

Watch this space…

The following is a petition calling for LG to reconsider. Check it out.


It was announced at CES 2017 that 3D support was being dropped from all OLED TV models – this is assumed to be because LG Display wanted to meet brightness targets for their 2017 panel range and so 3D and the filter had to go to allow these changes.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of us across the world with large 3D Blu-ray collections who have paid literally thousands of dollars / pounds / euros for these disks which we paid a premium for over 2D Blu-ray do not want to lose access to these when our 2016 OLEDs bite the dust.

The 2016 OLED range were the pinnacle of 3D in the home and LG offered the best solution that has ever been seen in the consumer space for 3D.

Everyone who has seen my 2016 LG 65E6 OLED is more impressed with the 3D than the UHD HDR capability. Even when it was sat next to a Panasonic 65DX902 people in my home were more impressed with the OLED 3D than HDR on the high brightness LCD TV.

I am asking that in 2018 you reconsider the stance and even if it’s a lower end set with a slightly advanced 2016 panel with a lower brightness / NIT level than the other 2018 sets you will have customers willing to spend high OLED prices.

I do not know what your research has shown but in the owners forums on places such as AVForums in UK and Europe and AVSForums in the USA many people decided between the B6, C6 and E6 because the latter two supported 3D. People who liked the curve and wanted to save some money bought the C6. People who disliked curves but wanted best of breed 3D support bought the E6 (or even G6). People who disliked the curve and weren’t bothered about 3D bought the B6.

Please don’t make the mistake of assuming it all came down to the soundbar as you’ll see from many forum posts this was not the case – for some maybe but not for all.

I personally bought the E6 because I wanted a flat TV with 3D – the soundbar doesn’t even get much use at all here.

There are now many people chasing 2016 OLED TVs because the 3D has been dropped across the entire 2017 range and they have waited and are now disappointed with the CES announcements.

So LG please reconsider the choices made in 2017 – it would be a shame that the passive 3D that LG developed on UHD OLED TVs is consigned to the history books because of the marketing brightness war with Samsung (who never really did 3D right with the active solution either).

Please just give us consumers an option rather than tossing 3D entirely – many other manufacturers tossed it because they couldn’t do it properly. LG can and did and hopefully will again.

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