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GEORGE LAZENBY is Ian Fleming’s 007





Directed by Peter Hunt

With Connery quitting the role after six years and five films, it was time, for the 007 franchises first real challenge, to recast Bond. Model George Lazenby wins the role and whether it he ultimately quit or was fired, is open to interpretation, but his disagreements with Director, Peter Hunt are in no doubt.

But at least up until this point, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is by far the best Bond film, with a mature direction, more character, heart and soul than any other Bond to come before, in spite of the lesser Bond performance from rooky, Lazenby.

He was not bad, but it could be argued that he was too soft for the role, not able to compete with the rugged Sean Connery, a role that he had made his own and quite possibly defined for every actor who would follow.

But it is not all about Lazenby, Telly Salavas’s Blofeld is the best to date too, played with a gusto of a gangsta, rugged and strong, not afraid to muck in with his troops and seeming to be less of “Dr. Evil” and more of a believable villain.

It would take decades to find this level of film making in bond film.


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