DIRECTOR: Duncan Jones

To begin, I am not really up on the plot of the game in which this movie is based, though I do understand that this is a prequel and that the tone is reasonably accurate to the that of the long enduring PC game.

But derivative is the word. The game was designed to allow its players to interact with each over and across the internet and essentially play in scenarios which span the fantasy genre, itself drawing from such classics as Lord Of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons and every medieval or ancient myth imaginable.

As a game, this sounds like fun, taking on roles and pretending to be mythological characters, wielding swords and magic, but since this was already taken wholesale from the genre, including films, what was the point?

Essentially, what we have is an epic mash up of films which have already made there mark whilst offering little if anything new worth talking about. The plot twists are predicable if not hammy, the characterisations are dull and cliched and in the end there is little to offer but a brand name and endless special effects.

The movie does pick up a bit in the third act but even this is let down with a finale of world building and sequel teasing, with the plot left wide open and several plot lines ready to go if there was ever to be a Warcraft 2. The problem is that there is little to tantalise unless you are already a die hard fan. The writing is poor, effective for driving the plot along at some pace but it is mundane, predictable and lacking any real intrigue or interest. It simply goes through the motions as does almost everything and everyone else in the film as a whole.

I want to say that it could have been better, but I can not. I think that Jones and his team have probably done a reasonable job of adapting this game but that is what it is, a derivative PC game and hardly suitable for a movie of this scale.

When will they learn?

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