DIRECTORS: Vincent Kestaloot & Ben Stassen


A rabid attempt at humour.

The Queen’s Corgi is not only poorly conceived, terribly executed and cynical in its attempts to make itself relevant, it is also a nasty piece of work.

Following the youngest of the eponymous Canines, as he is betrayed and cast out by a jealous rival, we are tricked into thinking that this is just another Disneyesk journey home.

But this journey is both contrived and hideous in equal measure. Unnecessarily mean characters making gangster style threats the lives of the cliched heroes, nasty dialogue and an overall tone which is in complete contrast to the warm and fuzzy posters which sell this movie to young children.

Then there is the overt political ‘satire’ if you want to call it that, which has Donald Trump arrive at Buckingham palace for a state visit, only to have his dog try to rape our naive, heroic corgi, Rex.

Trump is made to look stupid, but not in an intelligent or satirical way, just mocking his appearance and voice, whilst the Queen is handled so lightly that any notion that she is a competent head of state are left to float away.

She is portrayed as nothing more than a dog obsessed old lady with her long suffering husband whose only job seems to be to humour her.

In the end, all is well. One villainous dog has been left with his teeth smashed out and the other is given away as a sex slave to the Trump’s bitch.

Oh, and Rex’s girlfriend seems to become the top dog for simply turning up, which does seem to be a little “me too” but this is the time we are living in, certainly where the entertainment industry is concerned.

Violence, sex and a strong dose of, though poorly executed, political satire. All crudely packaged together in a kids cartoon. Am I the only person to find this to be little odd?

“For dog’s sake” indeed…

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