2010's, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction



DIRECTOR: Steven Knight


This! From the man who brought us British television hit Peaky Blinders!

This! A mediocre film noir which is almost saved by a bizzare yet intriguing left turn twist half way through, which up until this point, was an unremarkable chiche-fest about fish…

The fact that the twist kind if explains this does not forgive it because it still makes little sense. And without going into it in detail as this is a non-spoiler review, it is hard to explain why.

But to me, it simply does not work.

In the end, with more effort, this could have been a classic. Instead it squandered a fantastic cast and an intriguing twist with a poor script and cliched direction.

…and he’s a kid not a 50 year old film geek! Come back when you’ve seen it and this bit might make more sense…

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