In a statement released today by EON and the other two production partners, Bond’s 25th, as well as Daniel Craig’s swansong, outing have been delayed by seven months.


“after careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”

Though surely to be a huge disappointment to fans expecting this rather unprecedented in recent times, April release, it does put it back into its more traditional November slot.

The reason for this change: The Coronavirus outbreak and the perceived, probably quite accurately, effect this might have on ticket sales.

But I smell a rat! This is just my opinion and should be taken as such but I was always puzzled as to why they were breaking with tradition and releasing this blockbuster so early in the year in the first place.

But April is the last stop before the summer season for blockbusters which the studios have little faith in. But I do wonder if they have more faith in Bond  now than they did and this maybe why they have used the Virus to push the release back.

Or… they still have concerns but know that this seven month delay, posing as an act of conscience, will only serve to build up even more anticipation and possibly make this bulletproof from any negative reviews. With the audience more resolved than ever to see what they have had to wait so long for…

Good things come to those who wait…

We’ll have to see about that.

So put November 12th in your diaries and find out once and for all if 2020 is in indeed No Time To Die…

(Ironic really, given the reason for the delay…)

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