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After watching this video from the rather dubious movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes, a site who’s impartiality has been called in to question in recent years, I felt the need to compose a short response…

It’s a tough one. Whilst would I concur with his choices generally, I also agree that the Prequel’s crowd pleasing moments make up for poor filmmaking overall. Great ideas, poorly executed. Sorry George.”

But the Sequels are better films in the strictest sense, even if the stories are not what we wanted. The quality and artistic gusto is present throughout. And even though The Last Jedi was much derided, and I agree that it certainly could have been better, at least it took chances. Something which is often missing from a lot of blockbusters in recent years.”

Obviously this is just a short comment added to a couple sites which hosted the video, and I have written about my problems with Prequels several times over the years in this blog.

But I just find it odd that fans have pressed the mute button on the Prequels in recent years, instead choosing to vent their hate for sequels, something which I find to be somewhat insincere and questionable at best.

Neither trilogy lives up the original, only one of which was directed by George Lucas, though it has become accepted that he probably did micro-direct Return of the Jedi, but whilst the prequels add some pathos, they promised so much more than they actually delivered, the sequels gave us quality film making and an attempt at resurrecting something of the style of the original classics.

Something which is being largely ignored because of several plot issues, and yes, problems. Over powered characters, unearned moments and the deconstruction of classic heroes, to name a few.

Star Wars is not and has never been perfect as a whole, but Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are as close as films get. The rest of the saga has never reached those heights.

But even at their worst, the sequels are great entertainment and offer a decent story ark, one that is often hindered by the dubious marketing tactic of telling, or the selling the back stories which flesh out the main features in other media, such and comics and games.

This is a real failure but not necessarily of film making but the corporate marketing of Disney and Bad Robot.

But if you enjoy good old fashioned escapist Sci Fi, just sit back and enjoy the shows, ALL OF THEM; whether it is a meaningful narrative, giant space battles or some cracking Jedi action, you should not be disappointed.

Though many hard core fans or those who listen to the hacks on YouTube, probably will.

It is truly a dark day the rebellion…

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