2010's, TV, War



DIRECTOR: David Michod


Brad Pitt delivers a slightly odd performance as an idealistic U.S., Glen McMahon, seemingly channelling his turn as Aldo Reine from Inglorious Basterds (2008), but with a more sincere edge.

I must admit that the exploits General McMahon were a complete mystery to me being from the UK so I cannot really offer any incite into the accuracy of Pitt’s portrayal.

The film as a whole was rather understated which considering the subject matter would seem to be a mistake on the part of Michod, but not a delibrate one.

With a decent cast, some comedic moments which landed flat and an interesting take on the war in Afghanistan, I was left disappointed.

This could have been a hard hitting commentary on the warmoungers of the western world, in this case, the U.S., but instead, it quickly becomes a movie which WANTS to be just that.

What is here is satisfactory but nothing more. A bit of a wasted opportunity in the end.

Though the final scene’s cameo was a nice touch… General Bob anyone…

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