With Covid-19 escalating daily, our social life is one of the major logistical casualties.

Gigs, theatres, pub, restaurants and cinemas have all been asked to close, voluntary at the moment but it will no doubt become mandatory very soon.

Travelling is also hit and even spending time with our family and friends has also been affected. Along with other measures, our country, as with the rest of the world, are facing a tough time over the next few months.

‘Following government guidelines Odeon cinemas are closed until further notice.

We deeply value our cinema-loving customers and have no doubt we will be serving everyone again as soon as possible with a full slate of Hollywood blockbusters and the best of independent films and content.” – Odeon

But this is a movie blog and it seemed fair to comment on a issue close to many of our hearts.

Most major releases have already been moved until later in the year but others, such a Pixar’s Onward, which had only just been released and due to the poor timing of the this particular release, it’s box office will undoubtedly suffer and it may reflect harshly on the film’s legacy.

It may be, as possibly with others released at this time, get an encore release later in the year, but with so many films being held back throughout this period, that would seem unlikely. And it will be on DVD/Blu ray by then too, so the audience will surely have better things to do.

But without cinemas and any idea as to how this virus will affect physical media production, Streaming is now the worlds foremost movie distribution medium.

Did anyone see that coming so soon?

But we are living in extraordinary times with bigger concerns than watching the latest films, except that movies are escapism and like other media such a books and games, they will probably be a biggest and most productive pass times as we wait for end of this deadly virus.

Movies take us to a world of our choosing and when the real world is suffering every major calamity at once, with illness, social upheaval and economic crisis’ all jeopardising our way of lives, take the time to enjoy your favourite movies.

But after all this, it will be interesting to see if cinemas will return stronger or continue their unfortunate decline…

Streaming has been given a real, if not cynical boost in 2020…

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