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1977 DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott 60/100 Recounting either the anecdotal or true story of two French army officer's 16 year series of duels during the Napoleonic Wars (Spanning 1800 - 1816), Ridley Scott's first real feature film left me wanting. Wanting for drama for a start. Following a duel in which Harvey Keitel's, Feraud was victorious,… Continue reading THE DUELLISTS (1977) – REVIEW

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1943 DIRECTOR: Norm McCabe 80/100 Where to start with this one??? Well, first off we must all agree that this is clearly racist, derogatory, defamatory and just damn right ignorant of the Japanese culture to such an extent that even South Park would probably struggle to put this out. Also, whilst this is NOT one… Continue reading ‘NOT QUITE BANNED’ LOONEY TUNES: “TOKIO JOKIO” (1943) – REVIEW




DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese

Remaking the 1961 thriller starring Bob Mitchum and Gregory Peck, Martin Scorsese sets about placing his lens on this haunting drama and drawing us into the more brutal depths of his imagination, recasting the pair with Robert DeNiro and Nick Nolte.
Nolte is being stalked by his ex-client, in a change from the original, who went down for his crimes after he withheld evidence because he knew that he was nasty peice of work.

So after years in prison, DeNiro retruns to take his vengeance upon his family, wife and daughter, with plans to rape and presumebaly murder them.

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  1973 DIRECTOR: Robin Hardy "Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man." Though we never even lay eyes on it until the final few moments of the film, the Wicker Man, both as pagan image and classic horror flick, has become an icon of the genre. But if you are… Continue reading THE WICKER MAN (1973) – REVIEW

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...and the films which I have seen this week are... This week was a very light week for me, the sun shining, the World Cup and Wimbledon taking me away from the big screen, but here are the 2 film which I can honestly say that I sat down to watch properly... BLACK PANTHER (2017)… Continue reading QUICK REVIEWS – WEEK ENDING 7/7/18